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Plant Growth Promoters For A Better Quality of Plants & Crops

Growth promoters are natural fertilizers designed aiming the overall growth of the plants. The growth promoters are intended to accelerate the rate of growth and maturation of crops or plants. The process is done without disturbing the natural physiological actions of the plants and crops. These plant growth promoters also help to control pests & pathogens. These highly effective growth promoters develop crops by regulating their metabolic activities from root to the leaves. The product is available in different specifications designed for specific needs. Plant growth regulators play an important role in the production of high-quality trees and fruit.

Factors leading to the usage of Plant Growth Promoter

Changes in the current climate and lifestyle with the increase in population have resulted in the change in temperature and precipitation profiles. These problems have increased so much that they have started to affect other areas too. This has also led to intense drought conditions which have further resulted in an increase in global warming. This fluctuation in the ecological conditions in turn resulted in an increase in demand for irrigation. This also led to the need to utilize soils with the minimal ability for crop growth and production. Soils are not the same as they used to be.

The soil quality is poorer in plant growth and has less ability for water passage, have loose structure due to which they drain very quickly. The fertility status and yield capabilities need to be improved in order to cultivate better. However, this can be improved with the application of compost leaf mold, manure, or by the application of Plant Growth Promoter.

There is an increasing demand for improving tolerance level against drought. Hence, there is a need to increase the bacteria present in plant roots which helps to enhance their growth. Plant roots produce an array of organic compounds that are important source of carbon which helps in growth. PGP improve the root growth and enhance the accessibility of micro-nutrients to the roots of the host plant. With the help of Plant Growth Promoters, we can stimulate the growth and yield of many different crops. Plant growth promoters also perform an effective role in plant developmental process helping in increasing the development and yield of crops.

Features of Plant Growth Promoters:

• Various balanced combinations of selected Protiens, Amino acids, seaweeds, Humic acids, enzymes, plant hormones, auxins, vitalizes, immunity builders, Macro & micronutrients, growth stimulants, and naturally occurring minerals, etc.
• Provides balanced nutrition and Amino Acids to the crops
• Helps in seed germination and root development
• Maintains plant health and quality
• Deals against adverse conditions
• Increased flower & fruit setting
• Increases yield & quantity, appearance/shine of produce

As plants require the organic nutrition available in the environment, they do require certain chemical substances. Plant growth Promoters provide the necessary chemical substances that are required for the growth and development of plants. These promoters can accelerate the rate of growth in plants. Plants require necessary nutrients and minerals like nitrogen, and more for proper growth. A balanced Organic formulated stimulant containing abundant sources of energy. It also enhances resistance levels in crops. Incorporating drought resistance. Increasing the Fertilizer use efficiency. Increasing enzyme activity. Our products provide respiration, increases, metabolism of protein activity, multiplies enzymes, enhances the permeability of cell membranes, cell division/elongation, aids in chlorophyll synthesis, enhance pulp and size of the plant from extreme weather conditions.

Benefits of Plant Growth Promoters:

• Prevents flowers and fruits dropping
• Improves vegetative growth
• Improves the quality of crops and plants.
• Increase the pest & disease resistance.
• Gives a long-life to plants
• 100% ORGANIC
• Contains essential Macro & Micro Nutrients.
• It improves aeration in the Root Zone.
• It improves soil Structure & Texture


These promoters are highly effective and safe. These premium quality plant growth promoters are quality ensured through a quality-test and are specially formulated for the overall growth of the plants. Hence boost the all-round development of the crops. Moreover, these promoters assist in the cultivation and improve the structure and texture of the plants. Our plant growth promoters are of premium quality and highly effective with international quality standards.


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