Activated Carbon Powder

We offer a comprehensive range of Industrial Activated Carbon, that is used in various application primarily for removal of undesired colour, smell and other impurities from edible and non edible oils in oil refineries , pharmaceutical industries & food industries. Activated carbon powder is also used in water treatment plants and dye intermedeate industries .
 Activated Carbons can be defined as highly porous, carbonaceous materials. The higher porosity provides a large surface area, which results in exceptional adsorptive properties.

 Porosity is only a means, to provide the adsorptive properties that make Activated carbon of practical use. In the industry, carbons are therefore characterized by Adsorptive properties rather than pore structures. The activation process develops pores of molecular dimensions within the carbon particle. Vast numbers of these pores in each particle give the carbon extremely high internal porosity and surface area.
 It is observed that by  using around 0.1% to 0.25% along with Bleaching Earth especially on dark coloured high F.F.A. rice bran oil; the colour of fatty acids distillates from the deacidifier enhances significantly and the overall bleaching adsorption in the bleaching process is also better. The typical pinkish – orange colour is absorbed by its usage and fatty acid distillates realize premium over selling price.

It is widely used in an adsorbent mixture with bleaching earth in the bleaching process for edible oils. The use in the adsorbent mixture is beneficial when the oils contain high contents of natural pigments such as carotenoids, chlorophylls and xanthophylls, Especially, the use is inevitable when carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) must be removed in case the deodorizer is not capable to bring down the PAH content below acceptable limits.

In combination with bleaching earth, required complementary performance needed to bring the refined oil or fat within the acceptable quality standards. As a result of its composition, hydrolysis of oil is minimized when using this carbon. Our Carbon is developed to provide the optimum balance between required adsorptive capacity and oil retention in the filter cake.

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Product Details:

Color Black
Form Powder
Packaging Size 25 kg
Packaging Type HDPE Bag
Moisture 3 %

We Offer Wood Charcoal Based, Steam Activated Carbon Powder , 300 Mb Value As Per Specifications Given Hereunder.

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  • Item Code: SC-300