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Liquid Formulations For Agriculture

We offer custom manufacturing of various bio fertilizer formulations, organic manures, growth promoters, plant nutrients such as yme, liquid humic acid, cytokinin based growth promoters, amino acid based bio stimulant, emulsifiers etc. Our product range posses features like best quality, exactly as per specifications provided, cost effective.

Plant Tonic

Rs 1,200 / LitreGet Latest Price

Pack TypeDrums
Target CropsAll Crop
Dose12 – 15 ml/acre (2 ml/15litr. of water) for foliar spray .
Pack Size50 ltr / 200 ltr
ExtractDendrobium Essence
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Bio Stimulant

Jet-Fast is a very low dose Biostimulant for foliar application . It is a combination of all essential vitamins , amino acids, hormones , pgr’s & enzymes required for faster plant growth and better yield by better flowering & fruit development . It helps in vegetative and reproductive growth . It enhances stomatal growth & chlorophyll synthesis . It is compatible with all the insecticides and fungicides available in the market which are not alkaline. It is an organic bio product , safe for all crops & human being .
Use- Beneficial on all crops like Vegetable crops, Cash crops, Cereals, Ornamental crops Flowers & Horticultural.

Jet – Fast increase in the size and weight of Vegetable, Grains & fruits. Higher yield and better quality of the produce.

Method of Application: Foliar Spray and drip irrigation .

Time of Application: Vegetative development stage ,Pre flowering stage , Crop development and maturity stage.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: JetFast

Bio Stimulant

Rs 500 / Litre Get Latest Price

Usage It is beneficial for foliar spray on all kind of Ornamental crops, Vegetable crops, Cash crops,
Dosage Foliar spray 20 -30 ml/acre (0.2- 0.3ml/lit of water)
Type Humic Acid
Pack Size 50 ltr / 200 ltr drums
Release Type Quick
Bio Stimulant

Jet Wonder is a unique Plant Tonic & Biostimulant containing concentrated and rich blend of Plants Hormones, Enzymes , Proteins, Growth boosters , PGRs, and Nutrients. It is pure organic product, most suitable for organic farming. It is safe and nontoxic. It is wonderful organic product for overall better productivity at very low doses foliar spray.

Increase in the size and weight of the Fruits, Vegetables & Grains thereby results in higher yield and better quality of the produce. It increases crop yield 20-30%.

Time of Application: Vegetative development stage. Pre flowering stage. Crop development and maturity stage.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: Jet-Wonder

Nitrobenzene Formulation

Rs 40 / Litre Get Latest Price

Pack TypeHDPE. Drums
Pack Size200 Ltr
Dose30 ml for 15 litre water
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Jet-Flower is Nitrobenzene20% Emulsion. We provide Nitrobenzene 20% formulation in bulk packing . It is milky white viscus liquid, EC formulation being most commonly used as flower booster in India . Nitrobenzene 20% EC. influences the Bio chemical activity of the plants to uptake more nutrients from the soil. Increases the nutrient & efficiency thus improves the vegetative growth. Induces profuse flowering and helps in the retention of the flowers and fruits. Based on the proven bio-efficacy on several cultivated crops, the product has become very famous and millions of farmers are using it across India. Nitrobenzene based formulation is not a pesticide. It only helps in overall growth and health of the plant. It improves root and shoot formation, Induce flower formulation and increased yield.

Recommended crops:

wheat, paddy, banana, grapes, chillies, soyabean , gram, tomato, brinjal, pulses, oil seeds, fruits and flowering crops.

Time of Application: First application two months after sowing. 2-3 more applications at one month interval.

Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer

Rs 70 / Litre Get Latest Price

ApplicationVegetables, Flowers, Fruit
ValidityQuick Acting
Infection on SoilPhysiological Alkaline

We are offering Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer to our clients.

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Dark Brown to black colored Viscous liquid


Seaweed Marine like

Specific Gravity

1.05-1.10 gms/cc



pH of 1% Solution

8.5 to 10.0

Organic Matter

11-12 % W/V


0.10% -0.3% w/w

Potassium as K2O

3-4 % w/w


0.6-1.0 %


8 – 20 ppm


20 – 40 ppm


02 – 20 ppm


0.2-0.8 % w/w

Bio Stimulant – ATCA Based

Rs 400 / LitreGet Latest Price

Form Liquid
Pack Type Drums
Dosage 50-100 ml/acre (0.5ml/lit of water)
Organic Type Organic
Pack Size 50 ltr / 200 ltr
sushil corporation

Jet-Power is an ATCA. based bio stimulant for foliar application .It is a combination of all essential amino acids , vitamins and enzymes required for faster plant growth and better yield by better flowering & fruit development . It helps in vegetative and reproductive growth . Enhances stomatal growth & chlorophyll synthesis . It is compatible with all the insecticides and fungicides available in the market which are not alkaline.

Veg Pgr Liquid

Rs 60 / Litre Get Latest Price

Pack TypeHDPE Carboys/ Drums.
Usage100ml. In 100ltr,100 ml. In 100 ltr

Veg Pgr Liquid is a high-efficiency plant growth regulator, increase the yield and regulate plants growth. It can be used at any time from sowing to harvest time and improve crops quality and output. It can be used in seed-dipper, irrigation, bud-sprinkle, and leaf-spraying.

sushil corporation

Compound with Fertilizer increases the utilization ratio of the fertilizer greatly and resolve the fertilizer-annoyed symptoms effectively.

Compound with Germicide, Pesticide, Herbicide. widens the drug range of the Germicide, Pesticide, Herbicide increase the preventable effect of them.

It can promote the growth of the crop, induce chemo to root and germinate, increase the absorption of the nutrition, so as to make them bloom and fruit in advance. Furthermore, it can break the dormant obstacle, and enhance the immunity of the plant, the capacity to withstand adverse circumstances such as drought, flood, and coldness even freeze injury etc. More important is, it can increase the quality and the quantity as the most favorable result that farmers look forward too.

Bio Liquid Sulphur

Rs 32 / Litre Get Latest Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 200 Litre

Grade StandardTechnical Grade, Reagent Grade
UsageIndustrial, Commerical
sushil corporation

We are leading manufacturer of Bio Liquid Sulphur. With our wide vendor base. we are able to offer Bio Liquid Sulphur chemicals that are widely used in different industries. These chemicals are known for their purity, exact composition and effectiveness. We offer bio liquid sulphur in 200 ltr HDPE drums.

Some of the features of these chemicals are:

  • Important Plant nutrient after NPK
  • Essential for Nitrogen metabolism.
  • Used for fertilizers programme
  • For healthy growth crops & higher yield
  • Prevents powdery mildew & leaf mites on crops
  • Systemic types of essential nutrient as absorbed by Plant

Additional Information:

  • Packaging Details: 200 LTR DRUM PACKING

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