EDTA Chelated Micronutrient – Benefits Crop Production

EDTA Chelated Micronutrient – Plants also require nutrients to grow. Intensive crop production needs special care and reliable monitoring for an adequate supply of micronutrients that includes all plant essentials. These nutrients are essential; for the growth and development of plants or crops throughout the growth cycle. The right amount of nutrients will make it healthy. A perfect balance of nutrients is very crucial and needs to be performed with proper care and balance.

Nutrient management is a very important factor for the optimal growth of crop production. These nutrients comprise further micronutrients like iron, zinc, boron, copper, chlorine, and more.

Traditional micronutrients are not rich in and don’t have the potential of increasing commercial yields. Chelated fertilizers have been developed to increase the mobility of micronutrients. Applying nutrients directly to the soil is inefficient and can damage the crops in some ways. Chelated fertilizers help in the profitability of crop production and help to grow the crops better.

Benefits of Chelated with EDTA

EDTA helps to surround the inorganic nutrient in the plants and ensures the safety of natural nutrients. It gives an organic coating to the crops. With the help of chemical EDTA, chelated forms complexes ensuring stability and growth. Moreover, forming a protective ring around the nutrient which acts as a carrier of phosphorus in the plants. It helps to achieve the production goals and is vital to the growth and development of the plant.

Chelated trace elements help regulate the uptake of other nutrients by providing the optimum nutrient availability. These nutrients are essential for new growth, pollination, and seed reproduction. It fulfills all the requirements of micronutrients and prevents the deficiencies that occurred due to the absence of micronutrients. The available micronutrients are Zn, Fe & B. These are environment friendly and biodegradable. This results in excellent quality and good condition of the crop.

What EDTA Chelated Micronutrients ensures –

·Facilitates and boosts growth

·Correct deficiencies and cure malfunctioning

·Supports flowering and fruiting

·Enhances plant resistance to disease, insects, and frost

·Maximize stability and efficiency

·Compatibility with a wide range of agrochemicals

·reducing the cost of spray operations

·Chelates are absorbed by the plant rapidly and efficiently

·Chelates are fully soluble in water

If we mix them with other micronutrients, they form new compounds. These compounds are also good for the crops. The chelate helps plants absorb nutrients. The chelated fertilizers process is the correct way to balance the nutrients in plants. Applying chelated fertilizers is not a tough task nor it requires any special skills or knowledge. It is an easy and very practical method. Chelated micronutrients work very well in Alkaline soil. The chelated micronutrient becomes ready to use with other micronutrients to avoid this nutrient disorder.

All micronutrient penetrates more effectively into plants result in increased micronutrient utilization efficiency. Keep your plants healthy & avoid deficiency with EDTA Chelated Micronutrients. It helps in controlling different types of pests and insects and ensuring the good health of crops. It assures fast absorption of elements into plants. Application of these nutrients can be done with either starter fertilizer or foliar fertilizer. Sugar-based chelating agents are proved to be more effective and the process is still going on to make it better and more effective.

EDTA Chelated Micronutrient

Why does a plant need EDTA Chelated Micronutrients -?

·EDTA chelated micronutrients are high-quality plant nutrition product

·These are proved to reduce the loss of nutrients.

·Helps in profitable crop production

·EDTA chelated micronutrients provides essential for healthy plant growth

·Correcting nutrient deficiencies and improving plant health.

·Preventing micronutrient deficiencies

·It has the property of Fast soluble and no risk of clogging

·These can be used in lower quantity as compared to other compounds

·Chelated micronutrients offer high quality Micro Elements

·These are very cost-effective

·It is non-toxic and easily biodegradable

·Prevents Micro Nutrient Deficiencies in various crops

·Especially effective for alkaline soil.

·Most chelates can be mixed with dry mixes and liquid fertilizers.

·Prevents metal nutrients from bounding with ions

·More effectively absorbed by plants.

·EDTA chelates are of organic nature and are not harmful for the crops

·Chelates are compatible with a wide variety of pesticides and liquid fertilizers

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