Bio Fungicide Liquid

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Litre

FormLiquid Concentrate
Packaging Size50 Ltr
SourcePlant Based
TypesSystemic, Curative
Packaging TypeDrum
sushil corporation

Bio Fungicide Liquid 30 % Is a naturally derived antifungal, anti bacterial for folier spray & seed treatment, which controls many fungi like Phytophthora, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Furarium & root decay, Blast, Root Rot, Wilt, Tikka, Root-Rot, rhizome rot, wilt, leaf spots, sheath blight, sheath rot, Powdery Mildew, downy mildews, red rot, damping off and other fungal diseases etc. Our bio fungicides are effective on crops like Cotton, Tea, Sugar Cane, Paddy,pulses Coriander, Groundnut, Grapes, Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Chickoo, Lemon, Arhar & other Pulses, Mustard, Onion, Tomatoes, banana, Potato, Chilies, Capsicum, Brinjal, Ginger, Garlic, Lady’s Finger, Roses etc.

Doses- Mix 0.5- 1 ML Per liter water and spray on plants till they get drenched. If required, repeat the dose at an intervalof 8 to 10 days.

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